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Saving lives are always going to be relevant in society, whether it is treating sicknesses, mending broken bones or saving those in need of rescue. 

With more accurate information and positioning data the Sea Rescue centre can manage and organize the operation better while  sending out information to rescue resources. That will provide a more efficient rescue operation and faster search. 

It also provides the possibility to prioritize those individuals in more need of medical supervision already at a planning stage of the rescue operation.

Project Overview

Mass rescue operations are incidents where a large number of people are in need of rescue. They are defined by the fact that the emergency situation require more rescue resources than are available. 

Master Thesis 


20 Weeks





With larger ships being built, carrying more and more passengers, it becomes increasingly more the larger and complex the situation becomes when the unthinkable happens.



In order to verify many of the facts that came up during the initial research. Also to hear the professionals voice their experience and opinions I reach out to people across various fields of expertise in sea rescue sector. 

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