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The day before the wedding

I woke up not i the best of shape the day after the crayfish party. Had been sleeping on the couch downstairs in the livingroom in lack of other places to sleep. The night before was still foggy. It was with a pounding headache and a wounded body that me and the boys started cleaning up from the night before. Carrying tables and taking out the trash. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and not a cloud could be seen, but at that moment it felt like the weather was against me. It was a welcomed suggestion when Henrik proposed that we should head out to take a swim.

The water was warm and refreshing. We was fooling around the some toys we found by the beach. It was the perfect antidote for my hangover and I was already feeling better. We later headed back to the farm, where we helped out Thomas, Staffan and Henrik's dad, with packaging minced meat. After packing all my things we headed out to Granhedsgården, where the wedding reception were going to be held. On the way we picked up Anton, one of the groomsmen and Bea, his girlfriend.

Staffan, Lou and Henrik went back to the farm for dinner, leaving me, Anton and Bea at Granhedsgården. It was calm and quiet, as nothing ever seemed to be happening around there. Wondering what we would eat because none of us had brought any food with us. Luckily some of the Candian guests kindly invited us to dinner. Inspired by Murray's tales of sea kayaking, me, Anton and Bea went down to the lake after dinner for some evening canoeing. We took a short trip around the calm water as the sun was setting. The silence was only interupted by Bea's screams, triggered by Anton's rocking of the canoe, followed by a childish smile on his face.

The sun had disappeared behind the tree line and only a small glims of light was slipping out. We sat down on the porch by the water, waiting for the others to arrive. More and more guests was joining us as the light disappeared and the stars was coming out on the sky above. As the cold came creeping more and more guest left for the night leaving just a small company on the porch star gazing.

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