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Lou & Staffan

The wedding day had finally arrived. I remember that I woke up quite early, had forgot to pull down the curtains and had woken up by the sunlight in my face. Heard voices from the room next to me, it was the anchor room, were Staffans and Henrik were staying. Figured that if they were awake as well I could join them. They were still laying under the covers but awake and talking. I was welcomed in. I asked how Staffan was feeling, if he was nervous about the day. He answered as calmly as he always does that he didn't feel particularly nervous. I was a bit surprised by his answer, but I couldn't see any nervousness in his expression.

We had planned a champagne breakfast later with all the groomsmen, but Anton was still asleep so we decided to take a morning swim while we waited for him to wake up. It was already warm outside and the lake's surface was calm. Mattias had seen us going down the trail to the lake and came down the same path to join us, walking carefully to avoid the sharp stones. The water was warm and refreshing, I was feeling more awake now.

We went back to Granhedsgården to pick up a champagne bottle from the fridge in the kitchen. Back in the anchor room Staffan bottled up the champagne. Anton had now joined us, shouting randomly how Staffan was getting married and how unreal it was. Laughing and Anton's outbursts Staffan gave the same answer he earlier gave me. Even tough we had said to eat breakfast none of us seemed to have remembered to bring any food so the champagne had to suffice for the moment. Henrik and Anton later took off to buy brunch for the rest of us. I stayed and helped Staffan putting the last things together for the dance which would take place after the reception dinner. Anton and Henrik later returned with brunch which they set up on the porch by the water.

It was time to get ready. A shower later I moved in to the anchor room with Staffan to put on my suit. Staffan was also getting ready and I could now see a clearly nervous expression on his face. He gets this troubled look as if he's worried about something when nervous. I guess it's only natural to get nervous before your own wedding I remember thinking while struggling with my bowtie. Henrik joined us shortly after, then Martin and Anton. The room was starting to feel cramped, but I didn't mind. Everyone was in their prime mood, laughing and smiling trying to help each other out while getting ready.

The groom and the groomsmen went to the church in gathered force. I couldn't help but admire the landscape passing by outside the car window. Open yellow fields framed by green islands of forest. Suddenly you could see the church tower over the the treetops. Now I was getting really nervous. I hadn't been present at the rehearsal so I had little to no idea what I was going to do more than what Staffan had told me earlier - that I was going to enter the church together with Carro first of the bridal party. Great! I hope that Carro knows what we're supposed to do I thought to myself.

At the church we were greeted by a lot of different people, relatives, family and friends. I was shaking hands and trying to remember who everyone was, with little success. Staffan looked stunning in his tailcoat, smiling and greeting everyone. I was amazed how easy he changed from swedish to english to perfect german as he had done nothing else. His french was pretty good as well if I remembered correctly. What a man!

After a while everyone had gathered inside the church leaving only us outside. We were also getting ready, waiting for the music to start playing. Carro had joined my side and had done a pretty bad job trying to calm me down by asking me if I knew what we was going to do. The music started and I remember just started walking. It was a beautiful church with long decorated walls ending with a dome roof. Staffan was already waiting infront of us at the altar, he looked so happy. I joined him at his side waiting for the rest of party to arrive. Anton and Henrik joined his side as well. When finally the bride entered I looked at Staffan, he was radiating of joy with tears in his eyes, and I could feel tears building up as well as the bride joined his side. Lou looked amazing in her white dress and even better by Staffan's side.

The ceremony continued and I was crying more or less through it all. After leaving the church all tension was gone and the atmosphere was in it's prime, an atmosphere which stuck for the rest of the day. It was such a wonderful day and evening and something I will always remember with a warmth in my chest.

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