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First week back to school

What a monster to first week! In the course we're taking right now in the autumn, design methodology, would be completed in mid-January before the new semester began. Would. Our teacher could not attend during the set presentaion-date and asked us if we could move forward a week and have it on the saturday instead. We wanted ofcourse to have his feedback on our projects so the presentation was postponed for a week. The problem was that all the new courses began that week, and while it tried to work and finish the project as I tried to attend all lectures and submit all assignments. The time at hand was not quite enough and had to work late in the night to make it through.

It was me, David and Gunnar who found ourselves at the school late into the night before the presentation date. David was working on his project which was to develop a prosthesis adapted for climbing. A project not surprisingly that had turned out to be a large and complex task. Unlike the rest of us who have been able to take out some time off over christmas, he had been spending most of the christmas break sitting with his project. The prototype 3D-modeled took a full 50 hours (or more) to print on the school's 3D printers. Impressively enough, he managed to get everything completed and ready for the presentation.

Gunnar worked with avalanche rescue. There was a breathing device which would provide the trapped individual with oxygen and thus increase the chance to be found and saved in time. Chemical substances which reacted with each other created oxygen, a solution to save space. The oxygen is transported further through a hose up to a valve where the user opened the valve to the nozzle to breathe at the selected time. He had Haglöfs brand and used the colors of the model to match their visual profile.

I worked with my digital pen. It worked as a normal ballpoint pen where you can sketch / note on plain paper. But if you rotate the back piece it activated an additional function. To sketch / taking notes digitally. By disconnecting the back piece and plug in the 3.5mm socket in the computer / tablet / phone it can then download the sketches / notes to digital format. The advantage of this concept comparably with existing products such as Wacom Inkling and smart note pens is that it requires no associated gadgets recivers or special paper and works without being inside or connected to the computer. The model I made was printed in the school's 3D printers. A little putty, sanding and painting as it was finished.

I'll try to post the project in its entirety on the website sometime in the future, so those who want to read in more detail about the functionality and the process.

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