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Every year is the same when it comes to the midsummer celebration. Where and with who? Fortunate for me, Victor had already decided that for me this year. We were going to Tuss and her parents place in Ljungskile. Seemed like the perfect getaway. Had been looking forward to some kind of mini vacation with friends for some time now and this couldn't have arrived at a better time.

After a half day's drive we arrived in the evening. It was raining but warm in the air. A little bit tired from the drive but in a good mood we decided to take an evening stroll before tucking in for the day. To my surprise Ljungskile revealed itself to be a beautiful place. With a shoreline towering over the archipelago providing us with a mesmerizing scenery with the island of Orust resting in the horizon. The gentle rain in the middle of the night made it seem like we had the whole place for ourselves.

When I woke up following day the sun was shining. Newly awake I made my way to the kitchen for some breakfast. Met up with Tuss who also was awake. With breakfast in hand we made ourselves cosy in the sofa and watched Duck Tales for some childhood nostalgia. Victor and Malin joined us shortly after. The weather surprised us. The forecast had more or less said it would rain from day one and continue until we left. But the rain's absent gave us some new alternative activities. Tennis. To this day I have never had the opportunity to play so I was really excited. After almost an hour of really horrible tennis we could play a decent game. Leaving me with the feeling of wanting to play more. But now it was finally time to get ready for the actual celebration. Making ourselves ready I mixed up some piggelin drinks. I managed to mess the drinks up and they became really sugary. Tuss sister Madde arrived timely for us to make our way to the maypole and the offical celebration. There we watched people dancing around the maypole to the traditional midsummer songs. Tuss and Madde jumped in with the crowd and danced as well, shouting and waving at the rest of us to join. Subtly ignoring their meaningless efforts I imagined that I was saving my dace moves for a stage fitting my talent. The rest of the celebration continued back at the house with barbeque which took way to long time to prepare but it didn't matter. The company and mood was made it all worth while.

The following day was probably those I enjoyed the most. The day after we enjoyed Moules frites at clam bar, watching the storm clouds pass by. As well taking a dip in the cold water, showing off my amazing diving skills. Playing tennis, both virtually and on court. Heating up the sauna for probably one of the shortest sauna sessions in my career (blaming it on my lack of training). The days just passed by and suddenly it was time to go back. Back to Lund for a week of packing making ready for the move to Malmö.

Thank you Tuss and everyone else that made this Midsummer such an enjoyable experience. Would love to come back some day.

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