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Beach, ice cream and friends

Arrived in the afternoon to Stockholm. Met up with Anton for dinner and a drink. Took after that the subway with Tobias to Sundbyberg to Lisa and Simon's place. Haven't visited even once after they moved to the capital so hadn't seen their place until now. Have meant to do it. Especially after they announced their engagement. The area seem nice and calm. Felt like it was especially made for families. Was really happy to see the old gang again. Felt like it was just saw them yesterday. Like nothing had changed.

But something had changed. Lisa and Simon was now engaged and the self-proclaimed playboy Tobias had apparently settled down. Amazing what time does. I feels somehow that everyone around me is growing up. Everyone but not me. I'm still the 20 year old boy I was when we all first met.

The following days were spent out in the sun in what propably will be the best summerdays this season. On the saturday we all gathered at Lisa and Simon's apartement for a pancake breakfast and discussed what the agenda was for the day. Simon suggested a place he used to spend his summers when younger. It was a small lake surrounded by rocks. Perfect for diving or just relaxing. The water was warm enough to spend all day swimming. The day was spent under the sun playing around in the water. The perfect summer day.

The last day we all took a long walk and a well-deserved ice cream before returning home. I wish I could spend more days like this with amazing friends like these. This is what summer is all about. Makes me remember the beautiful days in Luleå spent together.

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