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Defying the weather

Came back from Stockholm late in the evening. David and Martina arrived just minutes before me to the apartment. Me and David took the bikes down to the pier for an evening swim. The water was surprising warm. While back home making ourself ready for bed David made me aware of the flashing clouds closing in over the city. Telling him about my wish of capturing the lightning on camera he asked why I didn't just bike down to the pier. Not finding any good argument why not I packed the nessasary gear and headed back to the pier. It had started raining. I could feel how my T-shirt started getting heavy and sticking to the skin. Arriving at the pier soaking wet I set up the camera. Swearing quietly for myself everytime a lightningbolt flashed over the sky. So many lost opportunities I thought to myself frustrated.

The hardest part was trying to keep the lens from collecting raindrops on the front glass. Nothing I had at my disposal was anyway near dry enough for it to work. It had started blow heavily and I could now feel how cold my clothes were. I tried to hold out as long as I could in hope of seeing more lightning but eventually I gave up. Only two photos was to my liking but it was enough for me to feel pleased. Hopefully the summer will give me more dramatic scenes as this.

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