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Spontaneous trip to Stockholm

It all started with phone call. A video call to be exact. I was going to bed and the phone rang. It was Simon. When the video feed activated four familiar faces appeared on the screen. Simon, Lisa, Tobias and Johan. My closest friends from my time in Luleå. They where all drunk after a late night drinking in Stockholm. Trying to cover myself up since I didn't have any clothes I was trying do decipher what they were saying because all was talking at the same time. One thing they said that stuck was the idea of coming over to Stockholm for a visit. And that was what I did.

Followed Victor up to Stockholm in his shiny red WW polo. It was such a hot day. In a car without AC made the trip sometimes unbearable, forcing us to wind down the windows at full speed. On our way we made a stop visiting Johan in Norrköping. He was in his usual cheerful mood and seemed a bit bored.

While in Stockholm I took the opportunity to spend time with Anton who was free during the time. Victor joined us for a day as well for play in the sun.

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