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Day three of our sailing vacation and we were still in harbour in Bovallstrand. I could see it on the others that they saw it as a failure. Especially David. He was still little torn up since yesterday's traumatic experience. We decided to stay in harbour today so David could inspect the hull and assess the damage. Right after breakfast he stripped down to bathing gear and went in the water. You could tell it was cold. He was hyperventilating through the snorkling tube. Eventually he got his breathing down to normal and went under. Circulating the boat. When he got up he summarized the situation. Apparently wasn't the damages as big as he had initally feared. We could breath out and start plan what to do with the rest of the day. Since we never got to visit Smögen yesterday we decided to take the car there today.

In the car on our way to Smögen David started complaining about a pain in his ear. We didn't think much of it at first. But when we arrived in Smögen we could see how much pain David was in and started to look for an open health center. It was sunday and proved to be harder then first anticipated. Nothing in Smögen, nor Kungshamn. What was left was the emergency department in Uddevalla. A 60 kilometer drive from Smögen. Martina and David decided to take the car to Uddevalla and left me and Daniel in Smögen and said to hold contact by phone during the day.

Feeling sad for David's series of bad luck we headed out for the harbour in Smögen. It was a lot of people. A lot. Could barely take us forward on the narrow docks by the water. We started of with coffee and cinnamon bun. Ah cinnamon bun! One of life's greatest things. We sat down on a staircase with a view over the harbour enjoying the sun.

Later we took a walk around looking through the small shops planlessly until the hunger came over us. Daniel recommended a resturant/bar he had been to previously. A surf bar with good drinks and bbq meny. We found ourselves there for the rest of the afternoon sipping drinks, talking and eating some delicious burger while keeping contact the development of David. At the end of the day David and Martina picked us up and we went back to Bovallstrand. In the car David told us what a nightmare day he'd had. Hours of waiting in pain only to finally get to see a doctor. Followed by a three minutes examination and a prescription for eardrops. They were both hungry, tired and disappointed. While back in Bovallstrand they bough each a pizza for dinner and took a beer. They both agreed that this had been the best of the whole day.

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