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Smögen again

With David feeling better the next day him and Martina wanted to try again at Smögen. Taking the car today as well since the wind speed wasn't farvorable with such a rookie crew for taking the boat. The sun was out but not as warm as you would expect. Said and done we took the car to Smögen for a second time only this time David and Martina could experience it as well.

We ordered lunch as soon as we arrived at a small seafood resturant down at the dock. I ate a superb seafood soup. Then a coffee with another cinnamon bun. Can't get enough of those! The rest of the day we spent going around the shops looking for something interesting. I was on the hunt for a fishing rod but it was a fruitless hunt since most of the shops were either interiour or clothing shops. Though it kind of weird that an island (and what I presume an old fishing village) didn't have any shops selling fishing gear.

David then took us on a little sight seeing a bit outside the central of Smögen. Showing us the bathing spots and sea view in all it's glory. After that the sun disappeared and it got cold making us seeking refuge further up the island where the wind wasn't as palpable. We found ourselves at a small bar drinking beer and having a good time.

On the way back to the car I finally found it. A fishing shop. Strangly enough it was a fishing and hardware interiour shop. Either way I finally found my fishing rod. Which I offcourse had to try out once we got back to Bovallstrand. Me and Martina made a deal. The one of us that caught most fish during the trip would win a dinner (three-courses) from the loser. And that evening I actually caught one. One of the smallest fishes I ever caught. I hade hooked it by accident when reeling in. But it still counts. And with that I took the lead in the competion. Later that evening David's brother Andreas and girlfriend Diana arrived as well.

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