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Still in harbour in Bovallstrand we woke up to a wonderful weather. Blue sky with a light wind coming in. After a morning workout and a quick swim in the refreshing we water felt ready to finally take off. David and Andreas, being the most experienced out of us, made everything ready for departure and once we hit a good spot they raised the sail. Bringing forward a vessel of that size merely by the power of the wind is such a peculiar thing. Some kind of ancient magic being used in our otherwise high-technology society. David handed me the rudder wheel to let me try steering while sailing. Felt really scary when the boat started tipping to one side, almost as it would tip over any second. We even tried doing a luff (I think it's called, the sailing terms are confusing) but I failed miserbly almost crashed into a big motorboat. After that incident I felt that I had done my part for the day.

We held course for Vedön, a small island with a natural harbour used by sailors for hundred of years since it gave good protection for hard weather and could store large ships. Almost every island we saw had nearly no vegetation, mostly consisted by a bright rock surface. David gave the explaination that the islands have had trees and such but they were cut down centuries ago. The effect had been since no trees were left for protection against the hard weather the sea had washed away whatever what was left. Leaving them as we saw today.

We arrived at Vedön and set anchor there for the night. We took a stroll around the small island checking it out. Some boys from another boat were collection crabs inside the inlet and proudly counted up to 169 crabs. Being quite impressed by the number David starting telling a story about when he was younger being on this very same island together with Daniel. He had apparently encoutered goats, which Daniel on the other hand believed weren't true since he was there with him and hadn't seen any. Either way it was true or not we couldn't see any goats roaming the island which Daniel took as evidence for his claim.

Me and Martina went back to the boat to get our fishing rods in hope of better luck at this spot. In the meanwhile, Andreas and Diana put on diving gear and went out snorkling in the passage just outside the island. Not getting any fish or any sign that they existed at all we gave up and started preparing the evening's barbeque. We sat out on the rocks watching the sun go down. It wasn't particulary warm but cozy still. The evening was rounded up by a game of card in the salon.

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