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I woke up by the rain hitting the hull. Got this "tent feeling". Cozy but not wanting to get up knowing what awaits. Me and Daniel was sharing the same bunk compartement. He was already in action getting ready to step out for breakfast in the salon. Not being a moring person I wasn't feeling the same enthusiasm. Have always had difficult to eat right after waking up. The salon was cramped. Felt the change of suddenly being six people inside the boat. The rain didn't look like it would stop soon. David and Andreas was disscusing where to head next. Talking about continue the course north.

Once everyone had geared up with raincoats we took off. It might sound weird but this is probably one of the best days during the whole trip. I liked how the bad weather didn't affect the spirit of the company. I got to help out with navigating the map and David taught me what the different symbols and arrows signified. The only one who I could see which was being suppressed by the weather was Martina. She had earlier exlained what a "sun-person" she was and I could finally see what she meant by that. She wasn't grumpy or any of the sort but the always cheerful and energetic Martina was awfully quiet the whole trip.

The goal was Grebbestad, a small fishing village. For once when we got in the harbour we had no problem finding a good spot to lay to with the boat. Easy, quick and a good spot to boot. After reassuring the boat stayed in place, filling up with freshwater and paying the harbour fee we set of. Everyone was hungry, not eating anything since breakfast. The rain was still pouring down. Soaked and hungry we found a resturant. Burgers and beer was a given.

Outside Grebbestad in Tanum was a big sport outlet. With nothing better to do we decided to take a look after finishing up lunch. The rain had stopped and the air was warm. Inside the outlet was a ton of people. With the bad weather it felt like everyone had gathered here in lack of other activities. The outlet was big. Was hard to find anything when it was so much to look at. But somehow I found a backpack. And Martina one as well but in bright pink.

Back at the boat the weather seemed to be changing for the better. The sun was looking through the clouds from time to time. Changed to shorts and t-shirt. Took a beer in the wait of the girls would get ready. Found a good resturant namned Terassen (The Terrace) where I ate one of the best seafood pastas I ever eaten.

After a few beers on the boat we decided to go out. The rest of the company had spent most of the time on the boat giving me tips on how to pick up girls. Right. Suddenly I felt the pressure. The guys were pointing out girls giving me pointers and tips. Eventually I did a rather embarrassing attempt. After that I gave up.

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