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Still in the harbour in Grebbestad the next day we saw a change in weather. Went out early to eat breakfast at a breakfast buffé. Taking advantage of being in a populated area. After breakfast Andreas and Diana packed their things and left for the bus back to Bovallstrand. The rest of us left harbour. This time we steered the course south. The weather was good and we could set sail. Only being four on the boat made it easier. Felt more at home now on the boat and more eager to learn. Still being clumsy I managed to accidentally throw a crank into the salon.

Eventually we found ourselves outside Fjällbacka. Feeling a bit saturated by harbours and people we was looking for a natural harbour on an island nearby. After awhile looking we found an island called Korsön. Situated across Fjällbacka and with few boats around, it made a good choice. Beautiful island with lots of berries and fruits growing on there. All four of us took a walk around. It was a rather big island with lots of heights. The wind had settled. It was warm in the air. Perfect for a barbeque.

With our bellies filled with some delicious food we laid back enjoying the last bit of sunlight. If only everyday was like this one. With the sun resting behind the horizon the raised the tent over the boat. Martina prepared some mugs with irish coffee and took out her newly purchased deck of cards fully decorated by disney princesses. After having played a game or two we took each a can of beer and headed out. We sat ourselves down at the top of the hill with the view over the boat and with Fjällbacka far in the background. We sat there until the last light had left the sky and the only lightsource left was the kerosene lamp.

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