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Being stuck in Hamburgsung because of the bad weather we tried making the best of things. Unfortunate didn't Hamburgsund have that much to offer. After half a day it felt like we had seen everything there were to see. At least until we found a course around the island with guided tour through our phone. Walking around in the forest listening to the history of Hamburgsund was relaxing. We even found during our walk some ancient grave from some former castle lord. This castle lord as has been said to jumped of the castle walls into the water during a seige in hope of surviving. Didn't go to well for him and was eventually buried there.

We got interested in this said castle or castle ruins and decided to go and take a look. Since all we wanted was to have something to do in the wait for better weather. We walked past a replica of a viking village, unfortunate was the establishment closed. But we found viking graves and eventually the castle ruins as well. It was on top of a hill with great view over the surrounding landscape. Great place for looking out for enemies I can imagine.

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