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Staying in the sun

The forecast was saying sunny and blue sky all day long and having a bit of bad luck with the weather as of late we felt like taking advantage of this opportunity. Staying on the island and having a really lazy summer day. Martina being a moring person had already taken a walk together with David before I got up and was laying on the rocks sunbathing. David was working with the inflatable lifeboat. The idea was to take that as transport to Fjällbacka sometime during the day instead of the big boat. It would be too much of a hassle to bring it into port and out again for only a short visit.

David didn't succeed however. The engine hadn't been powered up at all this season and was dead. During that time the rest of us had doing pretty much nothing. I had been fishing but without luck. The wind had been picking up speed and it was almost time for us to head back to Bovallsstrand.

When we finally got out on the water the wind was blowing really hard. The big boat had a hard time in the up-wind. Normally doing around 5 knots was now doing 2-3 knots. When we got to a part on course to Bovallstrand where we was forced to head out on the open sea outside the archipelago we could see the white ways. on our way there we had been passed by two coast guard boats and we could see why. David as captain decided to head back and see if we could find a place to rest out the bad weather.

Tired and hungry we laid to outside another boat in Hamburgsund. Took in on a resturant before heading to bed.

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