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We all went up early. Trying to catch the best weather possible for our return trip to Bovallsstrand. It was so peachful setting off early in the morning. The mirror-like water and the silence with almost no passing boats at all. Eating breakfast as we passed through Hamburgsund I was enjoying the scenery. Once back at Bovallstrand we unpacked our things and cleaned up the boat. We took a final coffee and cinnabon bun before we continued our trip to Grevie. It was probably the best cinnabon bun I've eaten in my life. Definitely worth the trip back someday.

The roadtrip was uneventful. It was so good to be back at Grevie. Felt almost as returning home from a long vacation. It was not far from the truth either. David's parents took good care of all of us.

Later after unpacking our things out of the car David and Martina showed me around Båstad. The tennis week was in it's final days. The men's final would play tomorrow and it felt like the whole event had somehow lost it's edge. David was a bit surprised how little people was around. One explaination was that the weather hadn't been all that great. Another reason being that the final was tomorrow and people was resting up for that. Either way I wasn't all that impressed by it all.

Båstad on the other hand showed itself to be a beautiful town with cozy areas around and the the sea border that could be seen from the height.

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