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New Year's eve

Meeting up with my dear friends Lisa and Simon and their new little addition to their family, Charlie for new year's eve. I have been spending quite a few times bringing in the new year with both Lisa and Simon, but this must have been the most calm and grown-up edition so far. I was acting as driver for my parents so it matched my intentions pretty well also. Lisa's sister Maja and her boyfriend Fredrik together with their little one, Seth made out the whole entourage. They were joking around how there were four adults and three children, counting me as a child.

Lisa and Maja served a wonderful four course dinner with some new elements I have never tasted together before. Simon acted as the game host afterwards. We played power-grid. I have heard and seen people play it before but since that time in Pajala when Tobias, Sofie and Johan where screaming and arguing over it I haven't had the opportunity to play it until now. Like it quite a lot. Shorty after I had to leave to pick up my parents from their dinner party, making me leave early (for new year).

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